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How Much is Too Much?

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How Much is Too Much?

The St. Louis Cardinals and one of the all-time greats are rapidly nearing a self- imposed deadline to reach a contract extension.  No one can argue that  the Cardinals shouldn’t pay handsomely to retain a superb talent like Albert Pujols.   But how much is too much?   Pujols, who recently turned 31, is rumored to want a ten year contract valued near $300 million., making him a $30 million dollar player at age 41.  That seems astronomical, but can the Cardinals really let the face of their franchise test free agency?

Pujols, a life-time Cardinal, is widely considered the most feared hitter in the game.  In addition to  his Rookie of the Year award, three MVPs, and 9 all-star appearances, he may even compete with Barry Bonds’ controversial career home run record.  It’s not exactly easy for the Cardinals to tell him he’s not worth the asking price.

Manager Tony Larussa accuses the Players Association of pressuring Pujols to pursue the highest possible contact.  “I’m not saying that if I was a union representative I would do it differently,” he said. “I’m just saying I think it diminishes the other factors that a player looks at. … I think each negotiation should be based on what’s the best decision — taking everything into account, not taking one thing into account.”

While it’s easy to point fingers in this dispute, one fact remains clear.  If the Cardinals are unwilling to give Pujols the enormous contract he desires….another team probably will!

Brendan Murphy